About Us

Complete Telecommunications Company

GlobalTech Communications has served West Virginia and the Eastern United States since 1992. We strive to be the complete telecommunications company you’re looking for, and to provide you with reliable, scalable, practical solutions for improving and expanding your business’ telecom infrastructure and capabilities. We proudly partner with commercial businesses and industrial manufacturers, as well as municipal organizations.

Proven Performance

Whether you’re upgrading the electrical service to your old building or expanding the data cabling infrastructure of your growing business, put your trust in GlobalTech Communications. Our proven capabilities make us the premier provider of data and electrical solutions to businesses of any size. Our ability to work at-scale equips us to work on just about any project—from handling electrical renovations to managing the infrastructure of your data center migration.

Practical Solutions

Our objective is simple: to ensure your business data and electrical systems are sufficient to meet your everyday operational demands. Our team combines voice, data and video transmission capabilities into a single high-speed communication network. We build out the infrastructure to support your telecom needs, including the electrical upgrades, retrofits and buildouts required to power it.

End-To-End Communication Services

We’ve positioned ourselves as a single, reliable vendor capable of delivering end-to-end communication services. Our broad solutions encapsulate the functions of your business’ telecom demands, meeting them across the board. Best of all, our solutions help you achieve full network potential, with an infrastructure that’s flexible, expandable, reliable and manageable.

Turnkey Capabilities

No two businesses are alike, and your telecom needs may be drastically different from another business’. Trust GlobalTech Communications to ensure you get the best solutions for your business, regardless of how unique or expansive they may be. Reach us today at 304-345-5530 for more information about our capabilities and to learn more about how we can help you.