Fiber Optics in West Virginia

Robust Connection

For faster, better communication in the digital age, nothing beats fiber optic cable. If your West Virginia business has high data demands, talk with GlobalTech Communications about how to outfit your facilities with a fiber optic installation. From quicker cloud access to better data security and more robust connection strength, we’ll introduce you to a fiber solution that meets the growing demands of your business.

Why Fiber Optic Cabling?

Fiber optics cabling is the gold standard for data transmission in the digital age. Many businesses are making the transition to fiber and reaping the benefits it offers as part of their migration to a more digitally-based infrastructure. Businesses have no trouble seeing the difference between copper and fiber, and for most, that difference is what allows them to grow their digital footprint unencumbered. We advocate for fiber because it offers numerous benefits:

  • Faster incoming and outgoing data transmission speeds
  • Less prone to outages and downtime than traditional cabling
  • Larger total bandwidth over traditional copper cabling
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference from parallel cabling
  • Better security, as fiber optic cabling is hard to tap

Air Blown Fiber

In addition to new fiber cabling installations, we can also retrofit the copper cabling at your West Virginia facility. We utilize FutureFLEX airblown fiber optic cable, which can be quickly and easily blown in wherever you need it. It’s the modern equivalent to “fiber on demand” and can be added, moved or changed in minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks.

Faster, More Reliable Data

These days, every commercial and industrial entity needs a robust, reliable connection to the internet. Whether you’re establishing a business cloud, handling large amounts of data or need to access the web quicker, fiber is the answer. Contact GlobalTech Communications today at 304-345-5530 to learn more about fiber optic cabling and what it can do for you.