The Benefits of Access Control

If there are areas of your building that need extra security, an access control system might be the solution you are looking for. This type of system allows only those who have been granted the proper clearance to access a particular room or area and keeps everyone else out.

Benefits of access control systems

There are many benefits of access control systems in West Virginia. Most importantly, they allow you to have control over who has access to a secure facility or area. They can also track who has entered and exited a secure facility with timestamps.

This can be accomplished with a variety of methods. One common access control system entry method is to use key cards that unlock a door when touched to a sensor near a door. Another method is using a mobile device with a specific app and login information to unlock a door. There is also the familiar keypad entry system that requires a code for access.

Each time a door lock is activated, the data can be tracked and stored in a central location, or sent to designated parties like IT managers, security managers or other administrators. As mentioned, this can include timestamps for each access, but also can include data specific to each user, such as name, job title or other information.

Another benefit of access control systems in West Virginia is that they can be programmed to only grant certain users access at certain times. If someone is only scheduled for a particular shift, for example, it’s possible to program the system to not allow access to that user outside of those times.

Security of access control systems

There are several security devices associated with access control systems. One type of security is information and planning, such as the aforementioned benefits of data tracking and programming time-controlled access for individual users.

With access control systems, there is an access control panel located away from the secure area. This is what sends the authorization to unlock the secure area when credentials are scanned.

Security of personnel is another benefit of access control systems in West Virginia. These systems have electric locks, also called failsafe locks, that can activate during an emergency. On the flip side, fail-secure locks will unlock during an emergency to allow access to, or away from, a certain area.

Where are access control systems used?

Access control systems are used in a variety of industries and situations. For example, in the healthcare industry, they are often used to secure areas that contain sensitive information to prevent HIPAA violations or restrict access to sensitive equipment.

In government, access control systems are used to restrict access to classified information and secure locations. They are used in similar ways in the business world, where information can sometimes be more valuable than cash.

If you’re looking to add or expand your access control system, get in touch with GlobalTech Communications today for more information on the benefits of access control systems in West Virginia.

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