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A Strong Wi-Fi Connection Is More Important Than Ever in 2020

A wireless internet connection was already nearly as important as electricity and running water for many Americans. But now, with most of us spending the majority of our time indoors at home, a slow wi-fi connection simply won’t do! Wi-fi’s importance during the 2020 pandemic in West Virginia can’t be understated—we need a strong internet […]

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Tips for Keeping Your Home Wi-Fi Secure

With more people working remotely than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has also become more important that you take the proper steps to secure your home wi-fi in West Virginia, especially if you’ll be dealing with sensitive company information. The steps you can take to beef up your security are generally pretty […]

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Common Wi-Fi Issues and Effective Troubleshooting Methods

Ah, wi-fi. Rarely has a human innovation become so integral to daily life so quickly. In just a little over a decade, modern society has popularized a fantastic invention. Wi-fi keeps us informed on the go. It entertains us in our living rooms. It keeps us plugged in to work. In short, wi-fi has become […]

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