Cameras for Industrial Locations

Industrial properties need specialized security cameras, especially when they involve industries and facilities such as chemical plants and oil rigs. Not only do security cameras record and deter thieves and vandals, but they’re key in recording any accidents that might go unwitnessed thanks to hazardous conditions and toxic gases or chemicals. Luckily, there are industrial security cameras that are so sturdy they’re explosion-proof. If you’re looking for seamless security camera installation in West Virginia, GlobalTech Communications can help. Here’s why you need security cameras for your industrial property:

They can stand up to hazardous conditions: Industrial security cameras are designed so that they contain any ignitions, are made of non-sparking material and are NEMA-rated for outdoor use.

  • They assist in surveillance: When you’re working with dangerous machinery and chemicals, you need to ensure that they’re safe—not just from unauthorized personnel, but employees as well. You’ll be able to keep an eye on all your property and rest assured that if something goes wrong, you’ll see it so you can address it immediately.
  • They allow you to safely monitor processes: When your industry involves a large number of gauges and meters to monitor, having high quality industrial security cameras allows you to keep an eye on everything from one central location, without having to send workers into hazardous conditions. In fact, this saves you money on the additional tethers and hazmat suits required for sending a human to monitor the gauges.
  • They can improve your safety procedures: No one likes to feel spied upon, but when you’re able to watch what your employees are doing, it can only help. In case of an accident, you can notify the appropriate assistance immediately, and it also provides you an opportunity to observe the workflow and see where efficiency, safety and other considerations can be improved.

Camera considerations

When designing your industrial security camera system, give some serious thought to the type of surveillance you’ll need, as that will inform the camera choice and installation. For example, if you’re interested in general surveillance over a large area, you might choose explosion-proof or bullet cameras; they offer fewer angles and zooming capacity, but they’ll provide a “big picture” view that can be helpful on the floor. Pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras offer better angles and zoom, which is good for areas where you’ll need a detailed, close-up view.

The mounting can also help enhance your camera’s view—you can install them so they’re pointed directly at gauges and monitors, overlooking specific machinery and more. Talk to your telecom professional to decide which cameras and mounts are right for your industrial facility.
Security camera installation in West Virginia

If you’re looking for security camera installation for your West Virginia business, the team at GlobalTech Communications can help. We’re skilled at seamlessly installing security cameras in a variety of commercial settings, including industrial locations. You’ll love our reliable service, our commitment to the local community and our state-of-the-art technology. Call us today to start discussing your security camera options.

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