Common Wi-Fi Issues and Effective Troubleshooting Methods

Ah, wi-fi. Rarely has a human innovation become so integral to daily life so quickly. In just a little over a decade, modern society has popularized a fantastic invention. Wi-fi keeps us informed on the go. It entertains us in our living rooms. It keeps us plugged in to work. In short, wi-fi has become one of the most essential parts of participating in communities locally and abroad. So, when your wi-fi isn’t working, it can be a real pain.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are some common methods for wi-fi troubleshooting in West Virginia to help keep you on the net and in the world.

Turn it off and turn it back on

It’s the most basic instruction that a tech person can provide. Just unplug your router for five minutes and then plug it back in. Known as power cycling, this strategy gives your modem and router a chance to take a breather before charging back into service. Nine times out of 10, this simple step can get you back on the internet and plugging away with the best of them.

Do you have a 5G router?

One commonly overlooked step in wi-fi troubleshooting in West Virginia is the network debacle. That is, maybe you’re not on your fastest wi-fi network. A lot of modern wi-fi routers come with two networks: a standard network, and then a 5G network that moves a little bit faster. So, if your internet is sluggish or not working, make sure that you’re using the fastest network possible.

Is your network password protected?

Think of your wi-fi network as a highway—that is, the more people using it, the more clogged it will get and the slower it will move. A common issue with internet speed comes when people aren’t password protecting their wi-fi. This one security step can keep lurkers from sucking up your bandwidth without you realizing it. Make sure that your wi-fi is only being used by the people you want using it.

Test your speed

If you’ve done the steps above and your internet is still running slowly, it may be time to check your speed. Several tools on the internet will allow you to check your upload and download speeds with the click of a button. If you use one and see disappointing results, it could be time to call your internet company or think about switching providers.

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