Security Cameras and the Importance of Facial Recognition

Times of uncertainty, like the ones we’re currently living through, increase the likelihood that people are going to start exploring additional security options that might be available to them. Surveillance systems in West Virginia that use facial recognition might seem like brand-new technology, but we actually already use this in a number of different places. Smartphones can be unlocked with a glance, for example, and apps like Facebook are able to identify who is who in a photograph that’s uploaded to their platform. All of this can present ethical concerns that are worth exploring.

With this in mind, the team at GlobalTech Communications has put together a primer on how this technology might evolve in the future.

Benefits to police

Security camera installation in West Virginia is a primary deterrent for crime that can also help the police investigate unlawful actions. Police have relied on security footage for decades to help them solve crimes and identify and locate suspects. Final decisions about arresting and charging will still rest with the individual human officer, but having this type of technology at their fingertips can go a long way towards helping the police in their quests.

Again, there are significant ethical questions and regulatory matters that need to be addressed before this type of technology is implemented on a large scale, but it’s apparent that it would be helpful to police.

Benefits to commercial security

Security cameras, even those that use facial recognition technology, could also help protect your commercial property. Surveillance systems in West Virginia can be installed for commercial use and help put the pieces together should a crime ever take place on your property. Video doorbells have already started to bring a version of this technology to the masses, and if these or other options are something you’d like to employ on your own business property, feel free to give us a call or stop by and discuss what’s available with one of our qualified technicians.

Ethical concerns

While it might seem that facial recognition technology can go a long way towards keeping all of us safer, there are still significant ethical and regulatory matters that need to be addressed before widespread implementation would be considered responsible. The technology has been unreliable at times, meaning that it could muddy the waters around criminal investigations and lead to the wrong people getting into trouble. Additionally, surveillance systems in West Virginia need to be explored and studied by qualified legislators who can help establish regulatory frameworks that control the use of the technology.

Working with facial recognition technology is just around the corner no matter what, and the question we now face is how we can best implement and use it responsibly and ethically. These types of conversations will unfold over the coming years, but in the meantime the team at GlobalTech Communications is qualified to discuss with you how it could be implemented as part of your commercial security system. We’ve been serving West Virginia communities for almost 30 years, so give us a call today to pick our brains about anything related to the technology in your business life!

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