The Benefits of Teleconferencing

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely shifted the way companies do business and how people are communicating with their friends and loved ones. Over the last several months, more people have been forced to learn how to use teleconferencing software, likely to find that there are actually numerous benefits of the technology that will continue to make it popular long after the pandemic fades away.

Here are just a few examples of some of the reasons teleconferencing during social distancing is highly beneficial to West Virginia businesses in particular:

  • It improves productivity in remote workforces: Teleconferencing software allows employees to stay in constant communication with their coworkers and supervisors, even when working remotely. One of the biggest concerns employers tend to have about remote work is that communication can begin to suffer, but teleconferencing allows for some “face time” and simple check-ins and can work as a substitute for in-person meetings or conferences.
  • It saves a lot of time: Using teleconferencing technology helps save time for everyone from entry level workers to executives. There’s no need to travel to meetings or spend time waiting in conference rooms for the meeting to begin. You simply log in right before the meeting is about to start, and log out as soon as it is done to immediately return to what you were doing. It’s simple and time efficient.
  • It cuts down on travel needs: Teleconferencing allows you to communicate with colleagues and other people no matter where they’re located. This means there’s no need for people to travel into the office for a meeting, or, if you’re working with a client in another part of the country or halfway around the world, you don’t have to worry about flying them in for a meeting.
  • It opens up hiring possibilities: If you begin to use teleconferencing more frequently as a key component of your operations, you may find that you can hire people to work completely remotely even after the pandemic subsides. This opens up all kinds of hiring possibilities—no longer will you need to confine your search for employees to a single area. You can have your pick of the best person for the job, no matter where they’re located.
  • It’s highly cost effective: The pandemic has resulted in a lot of economic uncertainty for businesses, even those that have received funding through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). In times of economic downturn, having technologies like teleconferencing that are highly cost effective is crucial. Companies frequently report some significant savings in their human resources and travel budgets when using teleconferencing as a key tool for their business operations.
  • It offers flexibility: With teleconferencing software and technology, you are able to schedule short-notice meetings or discussions that allow people to dial in from their phones, computers or other devices.

Interested in learning more about the best ways you can leverage teleconferencing in business during the COVID-19 pandemic in West Virginia? We encourage you to contact GlobalTech Communications with any questions you have about the services we offer.

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