A Strong Wi-Fi Connection Is More Important Than Ever in 2020

A wireless internet connection was already nearly as important as electricity and running water for many Americans. But now, with most of us spending the majority of our time indoors at home, a slow wi-fi connection simply won’t do!

Wi-fi’s importance during the 2020 pandemic in West Virginia can’t be understated—we need a strong internet connection now more than ever. Continue reading to learn why households need a strong connection and how to get one by hiring our professionals at GlobalTech Communications:

  • Working from home: Anyone who has the ability to work remotely instead of going to the office needs the strongest possible wi-fi connection. A strong and reliable connection ensures you’re able to attend Zoom calls that are just as effective as in-person meetings. Slow connections lead to lost productivity and missed business opportunities, so upgrade your wi-fi service today.
  • Homeschooling: Families with children can relate to the struggle of trying to attend online classes without having a strong internet connection. The video call with the teacher lags when the internet is slow, meaning kids have a hard time keeping up with the class. Kids with a poor connection can also have difficulty completing homework assignments, leading to further setbacks.
  • Entertainment: Wi-fi’s importance in the 2020 pandemic in West Virginia extends beyond school and work hours and into nights and weekends. Instead of going to dinner and a movie, today’s new norm can include ordering a pizza and streaming a movie or playing online video games. Trust us; those activities are a lot less enjoyable when the wi-fi is slow or unreliable.

Reasons a pro should set up your wi-fi connection

Now you know the importance of a strong wi-fi connection in West Virginia—but do you know how to set up a strong signal by yourself? Probably not! Here are a few reasons to hire our professionals at GlobalTech Communications to set up your wi-fi:

  • Guaranteed high-speed service: Setting up a new wi-fi connection yourself doesn’t automatically guarantee that the connection will be strong and speedy. That’s where a pro comes in. After configuring your new wireless internet setup, your technician will test your system to ensure it’s as strong and fast as possible.
  • Reliable connection: A fast signal is obviously important. However, if your wi-fi goes out all the time, it doesn’t do you much good. Your internet technician will also ensure that your connection is reliable and will stay strong throughout the day and night.
  • Fast repairs if needed: Unforeseen hiccups do happen, and your wi-fi connection may go out once in a while. Don’t rely on your internet provider to help troubleshoot the problem. Instead, hire your trusted installation technician to address the situation. Your installer can come out to see what’s the matter and set the issue straight.

Call GlobalTech Communications today

Stop living with a slow internet connection and contact our team to upgrade your service or learn the importance of a strong wi-fi connection in West Virginia. After we’re through setting up your internet and showing you the ins and outs of your new technology, you’ll soon see what you were missing out on by having a weak wi-fi connection.

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