Why Is Telecommunication Important?

Our society depends on telecommunication for business, government and social interactions all over the world. In its broadest sense, telecommunication is defined by using radio, internet, telephone or broadcasting to communicate with others. Every time you send an email or a text message, you’re using telecommunication services—in today’s world, it would be difficult to live without them. Read on to learn about the benefits and importance of telecommunication in West Virginia:

  • Telecommunication is vital to society: From work to school, social connections to shopping, telecommunication is a fundamental part of society. We use our phones, internet, radios and televisions to keep the public informed and connected, whether that’s for work, school or our personal lives. During the COVID-19 pandemic, telecommunication has made it possible for us to stay home and stay safe, while still connected to our social networks, entertainment, shopping, school and businesses. We rely on telecommunication networks for news, government announcements, personal security and other vital parts of our society—it would be difficult to imagine the modern world without these tools.
  • It helps boost our economy: The telecommunication sector is responsible for over $500 billion each year, across the globe. Not only does our global society rely on telecommunications for government, business, education and social interaction, but the sector itself is responsible for millions of high-paying jobs in the United States. The main subsectors are cable, telephone, satellite and wholesale telecommunication resellers, which are vital to our infrastructure and economy.
  • Telecommunication is crucial to security: Governments across the world require—and invest in—telecommunication systems to handle everything from military operations to natural disaster and terrorism responses. It would be significantly more difficult (if not impossible) to effectively coordinate matters of national security without the benefit of telephones, internet, satellites and other technology that we tend to take for granted.
  • It makes educational opportunities available: As we’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard to coordinate education when students can’t be physically present in the classroom. With telecommunication solutions, students and teachers are able to stay connected even when they can’t be together in person. In normal times, it’s helpful for working with flexible schedules or attending cost-prohibitive conferences, lectures and other learning opportunities. Furthermore, our access to information makes it easy for anyone to research subjects, connect to local libraries and more.
  • Telecommunication keeps people connected: People who live in remote or rural locations often don’t have the same business, educational, social or shopping opportunities that urban centers offer. Telecommunication systems make it possible for people to live and work in remote locales, while still enjoying all the benefits of modern American life.

In short, the telecommunication industry does a lot of the world’s heavy lifting. Without it, our communities would be far more insular and localized.

GlobalTech Communications is proud to offer all the benefits of telecommunication and electrical services to our West Virginia customers. We serve commercial and industrial companies across the state. Call us today to learn more about our services—we’d be glad to tell you more about why telecommunication is important and what benefits it offers!

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