Should My Office Building Have an Access Control System?

When you’re in charge of an office full of employees, it’s only natural to think about their security and safety. In a world that seems more threatening with each passing day, you’ll naturally want to provide your business an edge that keeps your people safe and morale high. You can take several steps to improve the security of your office, but few are as effective as an office building access system in West Virginia.

Read on to explore the numerous benefits of adding an access control system to your business.

What is an access control system?

An access control system is a means of providing access only to a specific group of people. This is easily accomplished through a variety of means:

  • Install key card readers and provide key cards to authorized personnel
  • Hand out PIN codes and have numbered keypads installed at the entrance
  • Add video surveillance cameras to allow remote access

Depending on how sensitive your products are or how concerned you are about personal security, a talented professional can install a variety of office building access systems in West Virginia.

Improve security

One of the critical factors in maintaining security at your office is controlling the comings and goings of people. The last thing you want is a random stranger wandering in off the street or a disgruntled employee coming back in to cause trouble. Instances like those could be devastating to your employees’ sense of wellbeing.

Keep a log of entries

Are you interested in knowing the hours your employees keep? Want to know who’s taking extra-long lunch breaks? Modern access control systems can provide a searchable log of who has entered or exited the premises, and the date and time they did so. In addition to monitoring employee habits, this could also be enormously helpful if your office is broken into or something goes missing.

More than just doors

If you think your access control system only applies to the entrances and exits of your building, then welcome to the modern age. Today’s access control systems can be customized to make certain interior doors and even computers off limits to specific employees. This extra security measure can prevent data breaches and employee misconduct of all kinds.

Come to your security headquarters

Want to beef up your security by installing an office building safety system in West Virginia? Then come to GlobalTech Communications, where we offer a suite of services that is unrivaled in the area. In addition to access control systems, we can also install CCTV cameras and surveillance systems.

Office and industrial security isn’t the end of our expertise—we also provide an array of telecommunications, telephone and electrical services to clients across the state. At GlobalTech Communications, we want to ensure every one of our clients is satisfied with the work we do. That’s why we’ve managed to grow our business every year since we opened in 1992.

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