What to Know About Surveillance Monitoring

In these uncertain times, it’s never been clearer that we all need to do everything we can to protect our homes, our businesses and our families. There are plenty of options to improve home security, and surveillance monitoring for security in West Virginia is an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. Surveillance monitoring, namely through the use of closed-circuit television (CCTV), has proven time and again to be a powerful deterrent against crime. Many of our customers are finding that it can be a great addition to their home’s or office’s security infrastructure for a number of reasons.

How does CCTV monitoring work?

A CCTV setup at its most basic is one or more security cameras hooked up to a central monitoring system, usually a computer screen. These cameras are usually installed near entrances like doors or windows, and are especially useful around spots that aren’t visible from the street. They can even record everything to play back and review later, so if you’re ever the victim of a crime, you can have a powerful witness at your fingertips.

You can even watch your security system monitor in West Virginia in real time if you prefer, or you can just let the cameras roll. No matter what type of system you opt for, the team at GlobalTech Communications can help you understand your options.

The power of deterrence

One of the benefits of CCTV is that its very presence is likely to give criminals second thoughts about breaking into your home or office. Some research has even indicated that 60 percent of all burglars will simply avoid a building that has CCTV installed. They’re not stupid—they know that being recorded makes it far more likely they’ll be caught. So, by implementing surveillance monitoring for security in West Virginia, you’ve already been proactive about your first line of defense.

This deterrence also brings peace of mind for home and business owners. You can rest easier knowing there’s a security structure in place that’s proven to deter people who want to rob you or your building.

CCTV integrates with smart home systems

As smart homes grow in sophistication and popularity, CCTV technology has kept pace. Our cameras and monitors can now be fully integrated with other smart systems around the house. This means your system of surveillance monitoring for security in West Virginia can now “talk” to smart devices like door locks and alarms. If you want your system to click on when you lock the door and leave your home unattended, we can help set that up for you. The possibilities of making a monitoring system work harder and better are endless, and we always strive to meet our customers’ goals.

If you’re in the market for a better home or office security system, installing cameras should be high on your list. The continued sophistication of digital technology means it’s never been simpler or cheaper to implement this type of security. Give GlobalTech Communications a call today to set up your free consultation—we look forward to working with you soon!

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