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Ever-Growing Technology and the Importance of Upgrading

If your business relies on technology to any extent (and most businesses do these days), then you’ve likely been confronted with the question of whether or not to upgrade these machines and software. Working with technology can bring with it a lot of responsibility, as keeping the technology up to date makes it possible for […]

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Common Wi-Fi Issues and Effective Troubleshooting Methods

Ah, wi-fi. Rarely has a human innovation become so integral to daily life so quickly. In just a little over a decade, modern society has popularized a fantastic invention. Wi-fi keeps us informed on the go. It entertains us in our living rooms. It keeps us plugged in to work. In short, wi-fi has become […]

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Why Are Fiber Optic Cables So Important?

When the time comes to shore up your communications network, entrepreneurs and homeowners—whether they live in West Virginia or the Bahamas—are confronted with one major option: should you choose copper cabling or fiber optic cables to connect machines and carry data from one place to the other? Until recently, copper was been the choice of […]

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